Right in the middle of a very busy city, there is a peaceful place. It's a cosy park, closed off and forgotten, a true oasis. This is where you will find Ollie, the little blue owl and his friends - a small stork, a young frog and five little birds. Together they all have lots of adventures.

If you want to meet them, you are very welcome thereā€¦if you can find them.     


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Who is... 


Ollie is a funny blue owl with a strong character. He is impulsive, curious and at times a bit stubborn. He is always embarking on a new adventure and with Ollie around, his friends are never bored.


Mabel is a stork who likes cosiness and the laidback live. She is friendly, caring and on top of that very musical.


Charles is a little green frog. He can be a shy bookworm sometimes, but he is equally eager to discover new things. He is very smart and a loyal friend.


The birds

The birds love being around. They form a happy and helpful gang.

About the series

Ollie is an animation series for children aged 2 to 5. Each episode lasts 4 minutes. In a quiet park in the middle of a busy, noisy city, Ollie and his friends experience their adventures. The series wants to stimulate the imagination of children, with visually enchanting elements. These are stories about being afraid, discovering things, beauty, how to be alone, the value of friendship ...

Ollie is a series that appeals to the dreamer in all of us and can be seen on Ketnet Junior, via the Ketnet Junior app and Ketnetjunior.be.

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